Hey, what's up!!... my last blog seems to be messed up a little bit so by creating a new one means a new blog for a new start. Hmmmm...let's get loud!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New stuff coming out

hey there, wasssup, my last post was like last year and i've found myself involve in may things since then. hmmm kinda miss posting up stuff here. i'll put up something in a short while just to express what i feel and what have i experienced. hmmm not easy to express it to the world especially face to face as when i talk, people seems not to care and all seems busy with their own life, no time for real friends to be together... but still i will find alternative to let  go what is on my mind. until then i keep things to myself let others think what they wanna think of me .. hahaha...  :D. thing get more and more interesting yet disturbing and fucking stressed up. so hope those whoo are willing to listen and be there, i thank you so much.. till then,....... break a leg yooo!!! ahhahaha

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