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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New stuff coming out

hey there, wasssup, my last post was like last year and i've found myself involve in may things since then. hmmm kinda miss posting up stuff here. i'll put up something in a short while just to express what i feel and what have i experienced. hmmm not easy to express it to the world especially face to face as when i talk, people seems not to care and all seems busy with their own life, no time for real friends to be together... but still i will find alternative to let  go what is on my mind. until then i keep things to myself let others think what they wanna think of me .. hahaha...  :D. thing get more and more interesting yet disturbing and fucking stressed up. so hope those whoo are willing to listen and be there, i thank you so much.. till then,....... break a leg yooo!!! ahhahaha

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How I HATE PEoPle mESsiNG With My Money...!!!!!!

TAKE THIS......F**k YOU...



DOn'T mEsS WiTh mY AngER MaNageMent

part of the things i hated the most is all about inconsistency of any paid-organization's-officers. Dude,,, U r getting paid for the job u do and what the hell happen to it. If what they do is going to mess with only their own satisfaction it's perfectly okay with me but if U try to mess with other people's satisfaction it's totally not cool. It makes u one of the bitches in my priority list to kill. seriously...

It is only because you did not do your job well, others suffers.,,, that is perfectly unfair. Government servants is the biggest group who possess the tendency to be inconsistency.
hmmmm why not ask me why i'm being so irrational right now??? its because some people mess with my PAYDAY!!!!!!...... no one mess with my PAY>>!!!!!

no matter if u r absent or not around u still have to d task u r supposed to do..... i have thousand things to pay and i've got christmas to worry about and i got a bit left in my pathetic account...... some got it and i haven't. It's absurd that something like this happen...

U certainly failed in your work.... why not just quit bitch.... u r old enough to handle this kind of job.... let me guess u r probably 50?? and u got around 5 grandchildren??? go home and do some gardening sista.... i don't care..... you just totally get on my nerve this time....

i just cannot accept the fact that i've got paid late..... until now i've got no news about it...seriously please quit or u'll ruin many other lives next month... ruin others may not  within my concern now but ruin my pay is like ruin my life and ruin my life is none other messin' with my anger management....give me my money by this Thursday the latest.....

no one mess with the feet!!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Self Management

learn self management from me....

yeahhhh It's pathetically me in
Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel and Resort
attending the Institute of Tropical Forestry and Forest Product (INTROP) Research Colloquium 2010
having dessert after a huge free lunch at b's lounge on our second day of the colloquium
15th Dec 2010

first step is sleeping n dun feel guilty about it. 
2nd step is learn to say no although u want to say yes. 
third step is learn to make excuses cz it saves u most of the time.
self management continues.... 

step 4 is allowing certain cheating n tell lies... its a sin but for your own good n for u to get yourself back n hav a life u must do it.. dun tel me u never done it... 
step 5 is acknowledge your access n egress.. know how to escape from sumting and enter to a scene n watever your decision u must not regret n no turning back cz if u do u will kedapatan a.k.a kantoi....stay tune for next steps...
step 6 perfect timing.time no repeating. Set your time n refer only to your interest cz if u dun u may indulge in the unexpected. 
Step 7 forecasting.try to imagine short term incidents. It may get u out b4 things bad comes. Careful u must be realistic n beware of consequences n predicaments. Step 8- instinct....sometimes trust wat u feel. Not all the time but just in case. This refers to all of your senses including 6th sense (assuming u have 1) hahah
step 9- emotion control... sumtimes show your emotion to others in certain conditions which will of cz favors u. Sumtime hide it like anger cz it might triggers a fight in a distinctive way. 

Step 10- acting like an artist.. this is hard but certain people r gud at it. this includes facial expression, movements n non verbal communication. Make it looks real n let them believe oldow it is fake in your heart. 
Step 11- talk like u know things... this is difficult. Speak optimumly... too much will brings doubt to others n yourself, wil stimulate questions which u dun knw da answers, will reduce your credibility. Not speaking at all will make u left out n less important a.k.a useless, tarnish your ability. Gud luck

WUPID 2010

the happening around campus......


Number of Teams: 48
Number of adjudicators (including the adjudication panel): 30
  1. Nanyang Technological University (SIN) – 1 team + 1 judge
  2. Hong Kong University (HKG) – 2 teams + 1 judge
  3. International Islamic University Malaysia (MAL) – 2 teams + 1 judge
  4. University of Cambridge (ENG) – 1 team + 1 judge
  5. Monash University (AUS) – 4 teams + 2 judge
  6. University of Melbourne (AUS) – 1 team + 1 judge
  7. Colgate University (USA) – 1 team + 1 judge
  8. Universiti Putra Malaysia (MAL) – 1 team + 1 judge
  9. Islamic University of Technology (BAN) – 2 teams + 1 judge
  10. Multimedia University (MAL) – 2 teams + 1 judge
  11. KDU University College (MAL) – 1 team + 1 judge
  12. National University of Singapore (SIN) – 4 teams + 2 judges
  13. Singapore Management University (SIN) – 2 teams + 1 judge
  14. Universiti Teknologi MARA (MAL) – 2 teams + 1 judge
  15. University of Sydney (AUS) – 1 team
  16. Rajalakshmi Engineering College (IND) – 1 team + 1 judge
  17. Institute of Business Administration – Dhaka University (BAN) – 1 team + 1 judge
  18. National Law School of India University (IND) – 2 teams + 1 judge
  19. Western Washington University (USA) – 2 teams + 1 judge
  20. Universitas Indonesia (INA) – 1 team + 1 judge
  21. Universiti Philippines Diliman (PHI) – 1 team + 1 judge
  22. Australian National University (AUS) – 1 team
  23. International Islamic University, Islamabad (PAK) – 2 teams + 1 judge
  24. University of Chulalongkorn (THA) – 1 team + 1 judge
  25. BINUS International (INA) – 2 teams + 1 judge
  26. University of Macau (CHN) – 2 team + 1 judge
  27. Chinese University of Hong Kong (HKG) – 1 team + 1 judge
  28. Ateneo De Manila University (PHI) – 2 teams + 1 judge
  29. Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (MAL) – 1 team + 1 judge
  30. Mahidol University (THA) – 1 team + 1 judge
for more infomation visit


A Choir of Inspiration

I know little on choir stuff but that does not make me a super great person. Here i would like to present to you a choir of a church which involves the whole church. To me it's great and marvelous. i just though by sharing this video will provide us with some sort of inspiration in many ways possible haha...
Have a nice weekend guys.... and Enjoy it....

This is another inspirational choir that i thought was the coolest thing ever.. they certainly enjoy singing and best all they are all good and confident. They perform outstandingly and i adore it so much..
They are from California Baptist University (CBU) Choir group.
A great song entitled Majesty performed by the CBU Choir.
nyte nyte folks...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

LoSer YoU!!!

It's been 22 years of living in this wide world but still i think it's small as i'm stuck here in Malaysia. been wondering how is it being outside. The world of movies and pictures as well as internet are the only possibilities for me to explore. Other than that is only based on my friend's experiences, facebook friends and lecturers' stories. Damn!!! that sucks for not having the first  hand experience.... hmmmm .... lets leave that part of the story later.

The story that i'm going to tell the world today is about me..
i'm going to start with the same line.... It's been 22 years of living in this wide world but... still i'm a loser.
the question is why??
the moment i wrote this post, i am actually 22 years 3 months 9 days old and yet i have no one to be with. It does not mean i don't have friends but what i'm trying to say here is a special girl. HaHa... now the topic is getting to the point.

I've been using the word loser to best describe my entire personality especially on the girl because no matter where i am, the people with my age at least had an EX.... Well guess what!! I never had any. Well, I'm going to start with friends. As i mention myself is a student in UPM, my close friends in UPM has their own girl to hold on to.... if their girls are not around, at least they still have contact via phone, facebook, or any possible technology available. It has made me somehow jealous but not to the extend of extreme level hahah. I presume that at my age at least people got laid somehow somewhere but me , i'm just me. That is another story.
from the top left: Preela, Stefan, Gray, Emmanuel, Nickcarlstann, Allan, Paulus, Nova
from the bottom left: Leewe, Gerald
from the top left: Gray, Saifoor, Jobil
from bottom left: Leewe, Gerald

I got home recently and found that my siblings have their own admirers which i knew it's their girlfriend. They asked me where's my girl and i simply said nope... got nobody. At first i thought it was a honor to say it in pride but when i retract back on what i've just said, it is a loser's sentence. OMG.... doesn't feel right after that particular moment.
from the top left: Kenneth Aldridge (2nd), Felix Glenn (3rd), Gerald
from the bottom left: Mr. Ulok (dad a.k.a Boss), Mdm. Midah (Mum a.k.a Financial Manager), Hilda Marvelynna (4th)

During my convocation this year in October,10, my mum was there asking my buddies, Allan, Gray and Paulus, where is my girlfriend. Hmmmm that was freaking weird but still she has all the right to know. How did I knew?? The 3 of them told me. At that moment, i was totally speechless. Damn..... what am i supposed to do when my mum seems wanted to know who is my girl...then the awkwardness goes directly to my face. My mum ask me directly. She asked, those who are graduating seems to have all love ones be with them including their girlfriends and boyfriends so, where is yours??... I was driving when she asked me and i was totally stumped. I answered, it's not the time yet... but so far i'm still single...OMG.. i felt like a total loser..... damn......
Dad, me, and mum

After some investigation done, my mum popped the question this year on my graduation day is because she got married to my dad when she was 22 and my dad was 25... this is a further and extension humiliation to me.
hmmm... i don't know.... i'm still a loser until today.. never have any experience of holding hands with another girl not to mention got laid. Loser is what i am....and still hoping it will turn around one day... But the questions are when and how.....(RJG)